Hello, I am Anne Poulton, welcome to Counselling In France. Having worked in school health and NHS community mental health as a professional counsellor before I took early retirement, I realised that the waiting lists were so long in the UK that there had to still be a need when people moved to France.

I moved to France in 2000 and started the website in 2003 to provide details of qualified therapists and life coaches who offer therapy and coaching in English from all over France and in some other European languages, working face-to-face, over the telephone and online.

This website is the main website in the group of websites comprising the Counselling In France association 87/1382. To see a list of sister websites, please click here.

If you are a qualified therapist of any type or a qualified life coach and would like to join the website, the steps are detailed below. 

1) Download the submission form by clicking on the graphic. If you do not have Microsoft Office, Open Office is HERE. Please complete the form and send back in Word .doc or .docx form.
2) Please pay here. Subscriptions are payable from September 1st until September 1st in a year. If you join the website after April 1st in a subscription year, it is free to be on the main website until September 1st of that year.
3) Send me details for your page and a photograph in a jpeg or gif. If you have a website link, it can only be clickable if you provide a reciprocal link. If you want to be on the telephone page, Talking Online or Life Coaching In France, you must provide a photograph of your face. All siret numbers/work statuses must be shown in full on your page. Please try and include the following in your page details:
An email address & phone number
A siret number or registration status
A photograph of yourself
Whereabouts in France you live
About you and what you are offering clients
Your qualifications and experience
If you work face to face, telephone, online etc.
If you offer a free assessment session
4) If you are offering online therapy, please indicate how you can work i.e. Skype, Zoom, Facetime, VSee, DoxyMe, by email. A photo and valid siret number, association or registration must be provided and a subscription paid. You can then be shown on these websites: talking-online.com ~ talking-online.co.uk ~ talkingonline.co.uk ~ online-counsellors.com
5) If you have your own website shown on your page and you want clients to be able to click on it to be taken to your website, you will need to provide a reciprocal link. The details are HERE.
  • If you provide telephone counselling, there is a telephone therapy page HERE.
  • Workshops and courses can be shown HERE
  • Retreats can be shown HERE (also accessible from www.retreats.fr)
  • If you would like to submit any articles or information for clients, you can be shown HERE
  • If you are a supervisor, you can be shown on this page HERE
  • While you are paying a subscription, you are entitled to a free therapy website
7) It will be assumed that by joining this website, you accept total responsibility for the text you send in to be on your web page and also for your legal work position. If you are not registered with the Chambres des Metiers, you might be working as/for an association or be employed in a French establishment. (see how to create an association here) or you may not be charging for counselling, but Counselling In France cannot accept any responsibility for your work status.
8) If you are a psychotherapist, please ensure that you adhere to the current regulations in France. Since 2010, the title of 'psychotherapist” has been protected and is restricted for professionals on the French national register of psychotherapists. Counselling In France cannot accept responsibility for misrepresentation by any therapist who joins the website. Please consult E.A.P.for the guidelines: HERE. If you are a psychotherapist, you can offer counselling and if you do not qualify to be on the French national register of psychotherapists, you cannot refer to yourself as a psychotherapist or that you offer psychotherapy on your page, but you can state that you are a counsellor and that you offer counselling.


N.B. To be shown on this website, you must either be resident in France or have a residence in France where you can offer therapy to clients (or on the borders of France). Once subscriptions have been paid, the website cannot give refunds for the subscription for any reason. If the details you provide to be on the website do not include your qualifications, what you offer, contact details etc., within a month of submission, your page may be suspended or removed. Please read the Disclaimer and the Terms and Conditions.



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If you would like your website link to be live (this means that if someone clicks on it, it takes them to your website) please provide a reciprocal link.

Put https://counsellinginfrance.com and make it live by pressing enter straight after you have finished writing the .com


If you want to use the logo, please link it to https://counsellinginfrance.com






























Association Counselling In France 87/1382


1. To provide details of qualified therapists who speak English and who offer confidentiality and professional conduct and care within the BACP ethical guidelines and code of ethics or those of their professional training bodies if different.

2. To provide resources for help and support for expatriates living in France.





















































The subscription entitles you to:

  • membership of the association 'Counselling In France'

  • a web page showing what you offer

  • the ability to advertise retreats, workshops and courses that you may offer

  • entry on the Supervisors page if you offer supervision

  • entry to the telephone therapy page

  • you can be shown on the five online websites

  • you can send in any articles that may be useful to clients and will help to show clients how you work

  • If you are a life coach, your entry will be shown on www.lifecoachinginfrance.com