The subscription cost for September 2017-2018 is 10

This year, I am obliged to ask for payments only in sterling. This is because I cannot retrieve euros from Paypal without incurring fees, both to accept payments and to convert the payments. In order to pay for domain names with EuroDNS in euros and Enom in dollars, I have to pay to convert again.

You can pay 10 using Paypal, French Paypal, a French or English credit or debit card and your subscription will be at the converted rate. For example, on August 1st, the cost to pay 10 was 11.18 euros.



Payment of 10 can also be made by:-
  • sending a sterling cheque to me in the UK
  • posting 10 euros or 10 to me in the UK (include your name in your letter)
  • making a UK bank BAC transfer (include your name as a reference)
  • if you really can only pay online in euros, not sterling, please click here

Please contact me for my address or UK bank details.


The charge for being on the website has been calculated by splitting the advertising costs between all the counsellors and other therapists on the site and includes the yearly cost of all the website names and domain aliases, web hosting and maintenance costs.  You are protected when you use Paypal and you do not need to have a Paypal account. The subscription entitles you to membership of the association 'Counselling In France', a web page showing what you offer, the ability to advertise retreats, workshops and courses that you may offer, entry on the Supervisors page if you offer supervision, entry to the telephone and online counselling sections and you can send in any articles that may be useful to clients and will help to show clients how you work. If you are a life coach, your entry will be shown on