linical psychologist, integrative
counsellor and psychotherapist



Telephone: 0613181658 / (0044)7760852462


I am an experienced psychodynamic and integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, currently working solely online with Zoom. Whatever brings you to therapy, we will endeavour to understand your individual perspective and experience of what is happening to you, so that you can find meaning and recover a sense of agency and empowerment in your life.

I have a particular interest in the body-mind relationship, which ranges from the terrible experiences of trauma (be it on one occasion, or traumatic relationships that might have thwarted your sense of self and ability to relate to others in a healthy way), but also addictions, and neurodiversity (ADHD and Autism).

I practice in a very conversational way, especially at the very beginning where the aim is to get to know each other and build a good working relationship where you will feel able to explore safely whatever brings you to therapy. For an insight in my way of seeing the work we will do together, here is a link to a text I wrote and delivered at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas this year, and that a friend kindly offered to publish on her blog:

I work only with adults, usually in weekly 50min sessions but we can adapt the frequency and duration to your need.

Siret: 895 190 742 00026

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