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~ Psycho and Health Counsellor & Coach ~
~ Solution- Focused Therapy ~ Micro-Nutrition
~ Hypnosis, NLP, Traumatism relief ~ Weight loss ~
~ Food Behaviour ~ Addictions ~



Maria is Irish and lives in the Drôme in the South of France. She is, above all, a warm, understanding, non judgmental Counsellor, Coach and Nutritionist who believes that we have a human and physical potential that can be awakened, nourished and drawn up if we go in search of it.

Those beliefs brought her to study the body and the mind and how we influence ourselves. After obtaining a Master in Nutrition she studied psychotherapy, hypnosis, nlp therapy, eye-movement therapy, micro-nutrition and to master counselling and coaching in her own special way.

Even though Maria’s family still lives in Ireland, Maria went her independent way in a foreign country, worked in various activities and learned to find her own potential and happiness through psychotherapy. Her life, academic skills and personal evolution brought her to accompany others with pleasure in her practice, by Skype or by telephone.

Maria offers a compassionate influence to help you find your own self, your own way, your own solutions to inner happiness, health and achievement. She considers that the mind can influence the body but that the contrary is also true and that is why she uses her skills in nutrition and micro-nutrition to accompany her clients. She keeps up with the newest evolutions in micro-nutrition as she continues to train.

Maria is accredited by a member of, follows their code of ethics and is regularly supervised.

If you want to :
  • Feel better, more comfortable and psychologically stable with yourself and with others even if you never thought that you could
  • Get over loneliness, learn to link to others
  • Lose weight with pleasure without a diet and in a durable way
  • Get over addictions and improve your food behaviour
  • Get over traumatism
  • Gain in psychological and physical health through micro-nutrition as preventive and optimising therapy while being followed by your own Doctor and Medical Specialists
  • Discover your potential energetic self
  • Sleep better
  • Digest better even if you have a long lasting colopathic state
  • Optimise your capacity to lose weight durably
  • Reduce an inflammatory state
  • Increase your heart health, your memory, your humour, sports performance
  • Avoid having invalidating illnesses like diabetes and heart disease

Maria can help you…feel free to contact her for a free assessment session.

Siret number : 52410240700037

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