Greolieres, Alpes Maritimes 06620

Dip. H.E. Counselling
B.Sc. Environmental Science
PGSE Outdoor Education



'Nature itself is the best physician.’ - Hippocrates.

Counselling can help you get through difficult times in your life. Having someone to talk to that is free of judgement and accepting, can help you make sense of what is happening for you. Talking about things you have perhaps never voiced before can bring powerful, therapeutic effects.

I'm Keith Simpson, and I provide a friendly, understanding and accepting space, full of warmth and free of judgment. I am empathetic and caring, considerate that this process can be challenging. I have worked with young people and adults in the outdoors for most of my life and have noticed that being in nature can have a profound calming effect.

I am offering nature-based counselling, as some people prefer being outdoors, which they can find less ‘claustrophobic’ than sitting in an office. Being outside or walking ‘shoulder to shoulder’ adds a different dynamic to the therapeutic process. Counselling in this way might be particularly helpful for men's and young people’s mental health.

We can base ourselves indoors in the Counselling Cabin or under our beautiful Cherry tree in the garden. The forest starts right behind our land, so we can sit in there, surrounded by nature, or try one of the many walks in the area. I can also come to you to follow walking routes nearer where you live, or that you are familiar with.

The Counselling Cabin is situated in beautiful, calm surroundings, just below the perched village of Greolieres in the hills of the Alpes Maritimes.

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