Sophrologist and EFT practitioner
(Emotional Freedom Technique)
 for chronic symptom management


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Telephone: 0601001422

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I came across Sophrology (a mind/body therapy) when I was seeking a complementary therapy to help with my own experience of anxiety and chronic dizziness. It was important for me to find a therapy which included the body as part of the healing process as stress has such a big impact on the nervous system. It transformed my life so radically that I decided to train to become a Sophrologist to be able to pass on the method. Though little known in the English speaking world, it is very popular throughout France.

I am also trained in EFT, a technique for letting go of blocked emotions and replacing negative unconscious programmes with more useful conscious beliefs.

With my on-line guidance and regular practice, you will acquire the skills you need to become a key player in your own physical and mental health.

I use a variety of ‘grounding’ techniques to calm and balance the autonomic nervous system.

A typical session includes relaxation, visualisations and guided imagery (rewiring negative programmes) and breathing techniques. It is not hypnosis. The objective is for you to become autonomous with these skills.

People typically see me for chronic dizziness/pain, anxiety and stress management and Insomnia.

I trained at the « École de Sophrologie de Salon de Provence » and am a member of the ‘Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie’ and the ‘ Fédération Française de Sophrologie’.

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