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  • Struggling with one or more of the following may lead some into psychotherapy: depression; anxiety; conflict; addiction; trauma; loss & change ….
  • For others, the reason may be less clear, linked to a general sense of unease with oneself and in one’s relationships within the couple/family/workplace ...
  • However, whatever the motive, undertaking psychotherapy is finally a personal decision.

For details of my work please refer to the web-site above.

The NUMBER and FREQUENCY of sessions will vary :
- For some, a few sessions may bring relief and help alleviate stress
- For others, a longer process is needed in order to :

  • Clarify the presenting difficulties and needs
  • Understand these within the global context of a person’s life- past and present,
    alongside their specific family/couple system and cultural context
  • Reflect on the dynamics of the person’s inner and external relationships, which may have become a source of conflict and unease
  • Encourage a person to integrate adjustment and growth ; along with accepting the reality of their personal and external limits

- For couples I use a systemic approach, working on their patterns of relating and communicating.

Over and above any technique, psychotherapy is based on a relationship of confidence and collaboration. The process is not always easy, and it is therefore important that one should feel secure with the competence, attentiveness and respect of the practitioner.

  • Trained and qualified in Clinical Psychopathology, I seek to nuance my intervention according to a person’s symptoms and personality, respecting equally that each person is unique and can never be confined by a theoretical definition or diagnosis
  • I abide by the ‘Charte de Qualité’ of www.analyse-tridimensionnelle.com, with whom I am trained and qualified as a psychotherapist and by the ‘Déontologie’ of www.psy-en-mouvement.com , the federation of which I am a qualified member
  • I seek to maintain a coherent and professional practice through my ongoing supervision
SIRET number 539 483 263 00022

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