Psychologist and relationship counsellor


Is it time to start thriving rather than just surviving?

Are you ready to:
  • Throw out some out-of-date habits and addictions

  • Begin to relate better to those you love

  • Put to rest some grief and loss

  • Re-evaluate some rigid belief systems

  • Start the search for your spiritual path

  • Explore some exiled parts of you

  • Start to practice some good mental health practices

  • Cope better with some of the big things life can throw at you

If so, maybe counselling is for you, "it's you; only better".

I have worked as a practicing Psychologist in both the public and private sectors since 2001, providing both short and long term counselling for those with all manner of difficulties. I utilize contemporary methods that have proven results.

I speak English. I'm happy to work face to face, via Skype or on the telephone.

For more information about me or my service please:

Telephone: 0788 279 014 (French mobile)

Website: http://quercycounselling.blogspot.fr

Email: quercycounselling@gmail.com

Siret: 797 941 234 00016


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