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What state of mind nourishes your figure?
Have you ever wondered if you were closer or further from you weight-loss objective when you attained your ideal silhouette?

Weight loss seems to concern our bodies essentially but have you ever thought of asking your body if it was ready to lose weight, if it accepts the stress of privation to get there?

If not, have you ever wondered what part of you has been controlling you to lose weight and what part of you controls you when you put it back on and how they are today?

Have you ever thought of your essential needs…self-esteem, self-love, empathy, acknowledgement…and their effect on your self-image?

Have you ever wondered if your body was capable of losing the weight that you have planned to lose?

Have you ever thought about food as a nourishing, caring friend and not as something that you mustn’t buy so as not to be tempted?

Do you really appreciate the food that you crave for?

Finding our ideal silhouette is finding the ideal way to get there, feeling good and knowing that it is right for every part of you… a harmonious balance.
My experienced accompaniment in therapy and nutrition will take into account all the aspects of your psychological and nutritional needs and disorders without dieting through the co-construction of a truer and more harmonious you. Together we will discuss the changes in your life that you are willing to carry out. Your body and mind may learn to collaborate for more effectiveness and inner happiness.




























What state of mind nourishes healing?
Have you been taught to influence yourself in the best possible way to achieve your goals... learning, change, happiness?

Nonetheless, the literature on the subject is flourishing. A hypnotherapist will tell you that imagination and reality are treated equally by the unconscious mind. This is even what makes it possible to benefit from an anaesthetic by hypnosis. Carl Simonton, who talks about the influence of imagination on inner health, has studied the influence of a positive mental imagery on the evolution of patients and advises its practice in his book "Getting Well Again".

Claude Pinault reveals in the book "J’ai choisi de me battre, j’ai choisi de guérir" his strong involvement as an actor in his own healing, his emergence from paralysis and enjoys his new life today.

In medicine, we talk about the placebo and nocébo effect. What we imagine about our treatment can influence our evolution.

Many therapists are amazed by our children's imagination and the speed at which they can evolve when their imagination is happy.

We are not all Claude Pinault, but we can have the luxury of learning to influence ourselves in the most positive way possible? AMPR® is used in therapy to positively influence our imagination to regain the natural benefits that it may or may not provide. It is not a guarantee of cure but a proposal that allows us to act in this direction if possible.
Through its ability to promote a healthy metabolism, micro-nutrition will help you improve your basic condition.
Psychotherapeutic support will make it possible to find meaning in this change of life and to improve one's relationship with the illness.