The subscription cost for September 2019-2020 will be 9/10

However, it is free to join from now until September 2019

The charge for being on the website has been calculated by splitting the advertising costs between all the counsellors and other therapists on the site and includes the yearly cost of all the website names and domain aliases, web hosting and full maintenance costs. 

The subscription entitles you to:

  • yearly membership of the association 'Counselling In France'

  • a web page showing what you offer

  • the ability to advertise retreats, workshops and courses that you may offer

  • entry on the Supervisors page if you offer supervision

  • entry on the telephone page

  • you can be shown on and

  • you can send in any articles that may be useful to clients and will help to show clients how you work.

  • If you are a life coach, your entry will be shown on

  • a free therapy website from

  • use of the online supervision website