(all have confirmed that they still offer insurance despite Brexit)
Balens Ltd 

Balens is a specialist insurance brokers for health and wellbeing professionals and organisations.

They provide cover for Skype consultations, although their policies exclude working with clients based in the USA and Canada.

They can cover therapists who are resident in the following countries: UK, Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, France, Malta, the Netherlands and South Africa.

Telephone UK: 01684 893 006   Email:

Balens Limited, Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern, WR14 2TA


PPS can cover members who are working in France in person or remotely (such as via Skype) and are not resident there. We require members to be covered in both the country they are providing the service from and the country they are delivering the service to. As such we would require members to inform us as to every country they work as we will list all of these on the members documentation.

PPS insurance policies can only cover countries within the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland.

In order to cover these countries we now require members to declare in each case that that they are aware of and comply with the appropriate regulations/laws in the country that the service is being delivered, which are related to the fields in which they practice.

PPS only provides membership / cover for students and professionals who are working in the fields of Counselling, Psychology (Specific Disciplines such as Counselling or Clinical) and Psychotherapy or other relating fields in the talking and listening therapies.

Email:   Tel: 0333 320 8074

Psychologists Protection Society, The eCentre, Cooperage Way,
Alloa, FK10 3LP

Website: www.

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