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  THE FAMILY          

Tony Humphreys is a clinical psychologist who explains in this book how the family has the potential for being the most fertile ground for self-development and self-fulfillment. It gives valuable guidelines on how to get the most out of family relationships while at the same time finding one's separateness, individuality and independence. Published by Gill & Macmillan in Dublin

ISBN: 0-7171-2490-8  Pbk


Dr Albert Ellis, a psychotherapist and Dr Raymond Tafrate, a clinical psychologist present together, in this book, their proven methods for helping people deal with emotional problems and how to understand the roots and nature of anger. There are easy-to-master instructions and exercises to deal with excessive anger.

Published by Robert Hale, London

ISBN: 0-7090-6544-2  Pbk


This classic book written by Christopher Lukas, who survived multiple suicides within his family and Henry Seiden, who helped him come to terms with the experiences, serves as a 'survivors guide'. This book is invaluable for those who must grieve the self-inflicted death of a parent, child, husband, wife, lover or friend. Published by M Papermac, a division of Macmillan Publishers in  London

ISBN: 0-333-51019-4 Pbk


Eating disorders always attract a considerable amount of media attention. In general, they affect more women than men but the reason why some women develop these disorders is not very well understood. In this book, there is up-to-date information about diagnosis and treatment. Specifically, anorexia, bulimia nervosa and obesity are dealt with in turn. Published by Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0-19-262198-X  Pbk


For anyone who suffers from low self-esteem, this book is a must. Lynda Fields easy-to-use methods show us how to develop our selves and our awareness. Her approach is holistic; we learn to balance ourselves at all levels of our being - the spiritual, where we connect, the emotional, where we feel, the mental, where we understand and the physical, where we act. Published by Element Books

ISBN: 1-85230-421-9 Pbk


"Why it happens and how to overcome it" is the sub-title and this book is written by Paul Hauck. Jealousy can invade every relationship, whether it be with husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, mothers or fathers. Dr Hauck believes that jealousy is a self-defeating emotion that can drive away the love that we all crave. Published by Sheldon Press

ISBN: 0-85969-349-X  Pbk


The subtitle is 'The importance of self-esteem for successful relationships" and is a Relate book written by Julia Cole who is a trained Relate counsellor. This enlightening guide shows how self-esteem, or rather a lack of it, can profoundly affect your close relationships. There are self-awareness quizzes and practical exercises which can help improve your emotional well-being. Published by Vermilion

ISBN: 0-09-185676-0  Pbk


Dorothy Rowe's first lines in this inspiring book are 'The secret of life is that there is no secret - all that you need to know about life is there for you to see. All you have to do is open your eyes and recognise what you already know' Dr Rowe is essentially a chronicler of human pain, a suggester of solutions. Her perspective on existence acknowledges sadness, pain and anger but it instantly makes things seem meaningful. Published by Harper Collins in London

ISBN: 0-00-255562-X  Pbk


This book, written by Sylvia Murphy, is one of the well-known 'How To' book series. It focuses on how to live with the death of the person closest to you. When this happens, not only is there bereavement and all its associated problems  to deal with, but also coming to terms with being single again. This book addresses and analyses those problems and provides helpful coping strategies to help you move on in a life that must, of necessity, be changed forever. For a free catalogue, contact How To Books, Plymbridge House, Estover Road, Plymouth, PL6 7PZ or phone: 0044 1752 202301/fax:0044 1752 202331.

ISBN: 1-85703-231-4  Pbk


For anyone who grew up in an abusive environment, this book offers hope, healing and a chance to recover the self lost in childhood. Steven Farmer describes what it's really like to grow up in an emotionally abusive family - the lack of boundaries, chaos, denial and rigid role-playing that most abusive families share. He shows how to discover and nurture your real self through exercises and journal work. Published by Ballantine Books in New York

ISBN: 0-345-36388-4  Pbk


Sarah Litvinoff from Relate helps you to turn a disappointing sex life into one that is enjoyable in this book in the Relate relationship series. The book includes practical tasks, quizzes and talking points and offers true-life experiences from case histories, designed to give insight and understanding into aspects of  sexual relationships. There are three other books in this particular series, namely 'Better Relationships', 'Starting Again' and 'Second Families'. Published by Vermilion in London

ISBN: 0-7043-4377-0  Pbk


A Little Book of Therapy' is not written to be read from cover to cover, but rather to be dipped in and out of. My hope and my belief is that the page that is chosen will convey meaning to you, and will encourage you to seek a fresh perspective on your situation.
Richard Bryant-Jefferies

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