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Workshops for groups


Paint your Heart
Duration: 2 hours
Paint your heart workshop is designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment where participants can get in touch with their hearts (inner self) and express it creatively through art. During the workshop we use simple art therapy exercises to explore emotions and feelings and to create deeper sense of self-awareness. No painting experience required.

Art Journaling
Being & becoming through art Journaling
Duration: 4 weeks, meeting once a week for 2 hours
Art Journaling is the process of using simple art therapy exercises to explore thoughts and emotions and gain new knowledge and understanding about yourself. You will be introduced to techniques that can help you focus, express, respond and connect with your inner world in a safe and non-judgmental environment. No art making experience required.

Workshops for companies:
Creative Wellbeing Workshops for Companies/NGOs
Spark engagement - Inspire creativity – Be connected – Boost Team Morale – Improve Mental Health

Number of participants: up to 40
Duration: 2 hours/half-day/full-day
Format and delivery: Visual presentation and interactive exercises

Offer can be tailored to suit your organizational needs
Willing to travel and bring a workshop to you
More details about workshops available upon request

Wellbeing in the Workplace
Interactive workshop with practical exercises and discussion questions

Wellbeing is a complex combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. By teaching your employees foundations of self-care and wellbeing we will help them be more equipped to combat feelings of stress and burnout in the workplace and feel happies and healthier. We can focus on aspects of wellbeing that you find most relevant for your employees at this moment. We can also offer Individual follow-up coaching or counseling sessions for your employees.

Mental Health in the Workplace
Interactive workshop with practical exercises and discussion questions

Mental Health awareness workshop has been developed to give employers and employees knowledge and insight into how to identify, understand and help individuals who may be developing these issues. The top 5 mental health issues in the workplace are: stress, burnout, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. We will talk about things you can do to help prevent mental health issues, improve mental health, and build resilience in the workplace.

Resilience in the Workplace
Interactive workshop with practical exercises and discussion questions

Personal resilience refers to how effectively you handle difficult experiences in your life. It is often described as the ability to ‘bounce back’ and comfortably carry on in the midst of adversity. It also involves being able to effectively regulate your thoughts and emotions, as well as perceiving challenging situations as an opportunity, not a personal threat. Resilience is also a key element in wellbeing. Employers increasingly recognize the need to provide services, supports and health resources that address mental health and wellbeing. Workshop will include providing tools and tips to help you manage your mental state in adverse situations and help you bounce back quickly.

MA in Psychology (University of Novi Sad, French recognized)
MSc in International Business (SKEMA Business School)

Art Therapy and Mental Health
Life Coaching & Counselling
Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy

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