Graham McDowell

Mental Well-being Specialist and Transformational Coach

 It was 2,600 years that Buddha described the ‘untrained’ human mind as being:  “filled with drunken monkeys, jumping from branch to branch, squeaking and squawking with the ‘fear’ monkey being especially loud, pointing out ALL the things you ‘should’ worry about.”

Well, these days our ‘drunken monkeys’ have even more things to get stressed about, with endless texts, phone calls, emails, social media and 24 hr news channels.

It’s no wonder then that stress levels and mental health issues are higher than they have ever been.

BUT… the key words to take from Buddha’s statement are “Untrained human mind”.

When you learn to train your mind it allows you to become free of psychological and emotional suffering.


Introduction to the Monkey Mind: FREE
Either on Zoom or in person.

This one hour private session will introduce you to the monkey mind, how and why you suffer, and what you can learn to do in order to create positive changes in how you think, feel and function.

Managing the Monkey Mind: 280 Euro.
Follow on from the Monkey Mind Introduction.
Either on Zoom or in person.

This course provides 4 X 90 minute private sessions where you will deepen your understanding and experience of the mind-body connection and learn how to spot the monkey mind at work along with techniques to empower you to bring a sense of peace of mind and an inner balance.

Transcending the Monkey Mind: 280 Euro.
Follow on from Managing the Monkey Mind.

This course provides 4 X 90 minute private sessions where you will build upon the progress made during and following your previous course. You will learn how to discover, experience and align your subtle energy body (Chakras) and experience the freedom of transcending the Monkey Mind.

Note: It has been my experience that I can help anyone to discover what their life can feel like beyond the limitations of the Monkey Mind. However, it must be understood that this is a journey of inner discovery that will require a certain amount of personal responsibility and discipline beyond these courses to build and maintain your connection to the higher frequency energies that you will be guided towards.

I can also tailor workshops for groups around mental well-being or the subtle energy body or energy healing etc. Please ask for details.



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