Simon Cole
counsellor, psychotherapist, trainer

Le Sentier Tranquille

Le Taychel

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I am a senior accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and a trainer as well as counsellor/psychotherapist.  I offer my own courses in counselling and self development, and for a number of years was director of a BACP accredited advanced qualification in counselling.  I moved to France late in 2007 to discover how I would respond to a different environment and culture, to write more extensively, to work on ideas about philosophy and therapy, and to enjoy walking in the majestic Pyrenees.

I believe in helping you to discover your own considerable resources and strength, which you can mobilise to deal with whatever is confronting you.  Somewhere inside all of us, we already have our own answers. For you too, you can achieve so much more than you expect. So, if you come to me for help, we will start from where you are and we will look at how you can grow in your unique way to be fully the person you are capable of being. 

It will be clear from this that the foundation of my work as a counsellor is person-centred, though, like most experienced therapists, I have integrated different elements to complement my way of working.  Here in France I have used a mindful way of working, seeking to combine the therapy with the ambience of our setting… ‘a counselling of mindfulness and nature’. I work from our small retreat centre ‘Le Sentier Tranquille’ where we can accommodate individuals, couples or groups for therapeutic stays and where I also teach meditation.

I have been engaged in counselling work for over 25 years.  Initially I worked in crisis intervention and in drug and alcohol abuse, and then with a very wide range of issues in Primary Care as a counsellor within the National Health Service. I have always had private clients for counselling and psychotherapy and supervised other counsellors. I work with all ages from 16 up and with couples for relationship counselling. My training started with the person-centred school at Newcastle University and followed through to an integrative MA at the College of Ripon and York St John, now York St John University.  Subsequently I have trained in Transactional Analysis and been a participant in gestalt workshops with Joseph Zinker, as well as attending a range of mental health related courses. 

I live within the Mirepoix/Pamiers/Foix triangle in Ariège.  I charge €40 for a session, but offer an initial telephone discussion and conversation free. I am prepared to travel to clients, if suitable arrangements can be made and will also negotiate a rate for work by skype or email if your issue is appropriate for this. 

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