Psychotherapist and Essenien Energetic Healer

Pibrac 31820

Telephone: 06 82 11 34 61



Diplôma of Psychotherapist in
Psycho organic Analysis EFAPO 1990

Want a change and live your life with more serenity? Reconnect with your energy? I can accompany you on your path!

Trained as a Psychotherapist, I practice an ancient therapy the Essenian Energetic Healings. This care is a medicine of the body and soul of great efficiency. This therapy works for many physical and psychological problems: fatigue, depression, stress, burn out, hyper activity, insomnia, various chronic pain, and relation to femininity. Psychotherapy with psycho organic analysis allows to work on the first three chakras, anchoring, sexuality, emotional blocks, to incarnate at best in the present, in the life of couple, family and professional life.

My knowledge of the corporate world also allows me to help take a step back from complicated professional situations.

Essenian care will bring into play the upper chakras, 5th, 6th and 7th, in connection with creativity, forgiveness, mastering of the mind, and intention. Finally, the 4th chakra of the heart, which is the great integrator, will bring resilience, the acceptance of feelings, which gives confidence to life.

Association AURAPSY
Siret: 53161659700021

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