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Psychotherapeutic Counsellor



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I offer online counselling in English. I use e.g. Skype or Facetime for online counselling with clients who are in France. Our work together is framed as if you were here with me in my practice rooms in the UK or France. Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • bereavement after losing someone close, or the beginnings of grief as someone close may soon be gone

  • you’re far away from others you care about such as grandchildren or older family members

  • experiencing the stresses of change or disorientation

  • feeling lost, disconnected or directionless

  • having trouble in your relationship?

  • just ended a relationship?

  • experiencing separation or divorce

  • feeling alone

  • feeling angry or hurt

  • feeling sad, hopeless or low in mood

  • facing life with worry

  • feeling anxious or stressed, perhaps for no apparent reason

  • doing or feeling things that just ‘aren’t like you’

  • being bullied

  • at a turning point or life-stage

  • having difficult memories from the past

I believe you can move through this. No matter what you’ve been through, no matter how much it’s hurting right now, no matter what you’ve been told, or what you tell yourself. A supportive relationship is an effective way to invite away the blockages to change. In counselling we create that supportive relationship together.

There is a part of you that believes in you too, the part of you that brought you here.

The difficult bit is over. Something in your current experience has already brought you this far. What I would say is Contact Me by email or ‘phone - Let’s talk about how we might work together.

Additional Information
My fee for our one hour session online is £45 or €50 – this can be paid using online banking or PayPal. I’ll send through my banking details as we begin our work.

When we meet online you’ll need a space which is quiet and comfortable for an hour.

If you are in crisis or experiencing some other acute or severe situation then online counselling is not the way forward. This means if you face the risk of harming yourself or others, or of psychiatric relapse. If this is the case I recommend you read the notes on risk on my website.



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