Master de Psychologie Clinique et Psychopathologie, Université Paris

I am a certified clinical psychologist; my office is situated in the 16th arrondissement.

I offer children and adolescents’ therapy, couples therapy, therapy for depression, anxiety, stress, adaptation issues, self-esteem, or any other challenges you might be facing.

I also offer pregnant mother’s support, mother baby support and Family therapy.

I am inspired by these approaches:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Positive Psychology Therapy

  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy ( MBCT)

  • Mindfulness Based Reduction Therapy ( MBSR)

Telephone: 06:52:68:47:62/ 01:84:05:08:82

Address:   41 rue de Passy 75016, Paris



Siret: 52757638300030

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