Certified Sophrology Practitioner

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I moved to France from my native Ireland over 20 years ago and I share my life today with my extraordinary French husband and our three beautiful children. My life has had its share of trials and tribulations as well as moments of great joy.

My professional career has spanned the legal, educational and business sectors as a lawyer, teacher and entrepreneur. I have been lucky to have a varied and enriching professional life and to know the immense personal joy of living with two languages and two cultures. The human element is what links my various professions and my motivation to listen to the unique problems of my clients and together to find solutions for their personal situation.

Today as a sophrologist, I accompany people on their journey to make positive change in their lives. I help them to reconnect with their body, their mind, their inner resources and potential, to find calm, balance and focus.

Personal growth, gratitude, a sense of humour and my desire to understand the human condition have been my guiding principles and are at the core of what motivates my practice as a sophrologist.

Today I offer individual and group Sophrology sessions in both French and English to private clients and groups as well as group sessions and workshops in companies.

I studied at the Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie in Paris where I obtained my professional Certification RNCP (Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle). I am a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie and I abide by their Code of Conduct and Ethics.

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