Gestalt psychotherapist

My number is 07 61 99 37 68

My email is olivier@espacegestalt.com

My website is www.espacegestalt.com

Hi, I am a bilingual psychotherapist (actually, I speak Swedish and Spanish too) located in Croix Rousse, a congenial quarter in Lyon, France.
I am trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist, with a M.Sc. in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Derby University 2008. I obtained the European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP) in 2011. I have had clients in private practice since 2006. I offer individual therapy and EFT couple therapy (Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy).

As a therapist, I am attentive to the client as a whole person coming to me, with her movements, energy and expression. I intend to be in service to life as it expresses itself in that person’s project and in her life world.
In my therapist practice, I have worked in particular with issues of difficulties in intimate relationships, issues of self-image and self-confidence, and issues of living somewhere as a foreigner.

I am a member of FF2P (the French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis) and abide by their regulations and rules of ethics. I am also a member of AGRA (the Association of Gestalt Therapists in Rhône-Alpes), CEG-t (the European College of Gestalt Therapy in French), and EAGT (the European Association for Gestalt Therapy).

You can contact me by phone or email and arrange for a half-price initial session, in which we talk of your needs, goals and expectations and sense whether we can have a good therapy process together.

My number is 07 61 99 37 68 and email is olivier@espacegestalt.com

Siret 835 390 014 00016 

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