Marguerite Hutchins, BA Hons, DipPhsy., is a fully qualified, professional counsellor dealing with personal issues, relationships issues, stress, depression and all of the other problems in life that get thrown at us.

English speaking and based in Somme in Northern France, Marguerite can offer a one-off consultation or a structured series of appointments. Sessions can take place in Marguerite's home in the Authie Valley or at a location close to your home.

Her Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) based training along with her degree in Psychology and general experience of life with a big family allows her to bring a unique perspective to a range of issues and problems which beset us all from time to time.

Sessions usually last for 60 minutes but as basic personal information is taken at the first session this is always a little longer hence the higher charge. A small additional charge is made if Marguerite visits you to cover travelling costs.


40.00 for the first or single session

Subsequent meetings 30 per session

Payment is always requested in advance and can be in euros or sterling.

Whilst operating in France, Marguerite's business is UK based and the service is, of course, totally confidential.


Telephone: 097892 294 482


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