Humanistic counsellor and art dance therapist



Telephone: +54 9 11 3591 8001

Skype name: Lucianasiguelboim

Languages: English and Spanish

Holistic creative therapy + group workshops

I have been facilitating personal development processes for 8 years, and surely every experience is unique!

Neither of us knows what will come up during our encounters, and that's what it's about, precisely: offering you a safe, loving, empathic and smart space, where you can open up to your inner experience and allow whatever comes up to BE and move the way it has to.

I work from the Person Centered Approach, which is a way of life based on the wisdom of BEING: validating, accepting and appreciating what IS, to give way to the organismic wisdom that regulates our processes. I don't interpret. I don't analyse. YOU are the authority on you, YOU have your truth, and I'm here to help you go through this portion of your life with more clarity, more presence, less fear and better resources.

I have an integral vision in which body and psyche are one and health implies integrity between or physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions.

Talking about experience is not as effective as having an experience. I work creatively, involving all of our senses and prioritizing movement, for an experience that deepens the contact with ourselves, helps us to live more authentically and with purpose. Art is the natural language of the creative, self-making human. By broadening our expressive spectrum and our perceptual field, we allow ourselves more psycho-physical and vital repertoire.

Academic education

Master in Dance Movement Therapy
combined programme: Associazione Danzare le Origini, with Vincenzo Bellia and Benoit Lesage (Italy and France, present) Universidad CAECE (2014) Fundación C.G. Jung (2013)

Grad degree in Psychological Counseling
Holos (2017)

Grad degree in Literature and Linguistics
Universidad de Buenos Aires (2013)

Performance arts background

Registered for tax in Argentina

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