Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Based in Lauzun, near Eymet
Covering depts 47 and 24

Email: katiecounselling@gmail.com

Telephone: 06 02 25 57 82
If I don’t pick up, please leave a message
and  I will call you back as soon as I can

Website: www.kgcounselling.com

Hello. My name is Katie and I am a qualified counsellor with over 25 years’ experience in CBT, TA and NLP - otherwise known as the "Talking Therapies".  CBT therapy is not telling you what to do or offer you solutions; as a conscientious and skilled counsellor my aim is to get you to the point of these insights and decisions for yourself. You already know the answers – we just need to get your mind quiet enough for you to hear them for yourself.

Exploring issues together can lead to meaningful insights and helpful realisations. I work on developing a therapeutic relationship where you feel safe to explore even the most difficult and painful issues, which you may not have disclosed to anyone ever before. Talking in a safe environment can alleviate and help you understand these painful feelings, the effect they are having on your life and a possible path towards a more positive, happier future. Having trained initially with ELMWEL (East Lothian Mental Welfare) in the late '80s and then COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland) in the mid ‘90s I have developed and honed my counselling skills over the years by continued training and research.

Therapeutic change takes place when a person is given the opportunity to explore their issues with a therapist who is empathic, non-judgemental, open and genuine. Central to the approach is the belief that each person is able to decide the direction in which they can change and develop and that the counsellor is there to guide.

Having experienced counselling myself, I know what it feels like: 'what will the counsellor be like?', 'will I like her/him?', 'what will I say?', 'will I get upset?' – all sorts of questions might be buzzing around in your mind.

To ease you in gently I am currently offering a free half-hour informal chat on the phone, no obligation, so that you can ‘try it and see’, ask any questions you have, get a feeling for how we might get along, and put your mind at rest, with no obligation to book further sessions if you feel this is not for you.

Should you decide to go ahead we will book your first consultation and the fee for this will be €35 per hour or you can make a block booking of six consultations at the discounted rate of €199.50. In each session you set the agenda; this is your time to talk about issues that are concerning you. But I will guide where necessary, start you off on a path that can be explored; I will really listen, empathise and check my understanding out with you.

My clarity will help you towards yours.
Siret: 794 771 352 00018

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