Jeremy Clark, UKCP
Integrative Psychotherapist

Telephone: 0208 741 5762

I am an integrative psychotherapist, trained at the Metanoia Centre in London, and I have been living and working in Paris for the last five years. I have in total about eight years experience working with English-speaking individuals and couples.
My office is a quiet, tranquil environment. During our therapy sessions, we sit facing each other and talk. I endeavour at all times to be polite and respectful in all interactions. I do not use any props or techniques such as hypnosis. Our sessions are fully confidential, which means that I don't talk to anyone else about them, except possibly a supervisor who I talk to regularly to aid my own development as a therapist. This supervisor is a more senior therapist who is also bound by confidentiality. I do not give my supervisor details which would enable her to identify any of my clients.

Integrative Psychotherapy is a relatively new philosophy within psychotherapy which brings together ideas from many different schools. I chose to study integrative psychotherapy because I believe it enables the therapist to draw on their own life-experience as well as their theoretical learning. In my work, I often apply ideas from Person-Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Existential Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. I am less drawn to the more psychodynamic approaches such as psychoanalysis. I believe that psychotherapy can be an effective tool for learning, enabling the client to understand themselves better and to overcome habits of thought and behaviour which bring them unhappiness or anxiety.

Making An Appointment
The best way to set up an appointment is by telephoning me at the above number. I will need to ask a few simple questions about your background and your reasons for seeking therapy, so make sure you have at least ten minutes to spare, and you are somewhere where you can speak freely without being disturbed. I offer a free inital assessment appointment (about 1 hour). Subsequent appointments cost 60 euros per hour (individual) and 80 euros per hour (couples).

Please note that I am a psychotherapist (or therapist, or counsellor, if you prefer). This means that I am trained in helping people to live better and overcome personal and emotional difficulties through talking and exploration. I am not a psychiatrist (that is, I do not have a medical qualification and I cannot prescribe medication).

48 Ravenscourt Park
London W6 0UG

UK based


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