Licensed marriage and family therapist
Licensed hypnotherapist
Certified addictions counsellor

Specializing in helping clients navigate life changes
such as recovery from addiction,
divorce and spiritual growth

Email: helenfd1@gmail.com

Website: www.authenticexpressionist.com

As a therapist I became intrigued by the ongoing theme of spirituality as my clients healed. I began shifting my emphasis to that which was the ultimate result in any case. Almost 20 years ago, I began combining my practice with business consulting. To my amazement the same truths held for my business clients as for my therapy clients. What I have done is to do a kind of melding and eliminating the traditional therapeutic style, which has morphed into a spiritual coaching method. I have done a very similar thing with my business consulting. Human beings want purpose and love. If I find a way to get one, I almost always find the other. Integrity, creativity, congruency create prosperous, healthy, joy-filled businesses and people. One begets the other.

What I bring to my clients:
  • Emotional and intuitive ability
  • Personal courage and desire to infuse others with the same
  • The ability to stand in your shoes
  • Creativity in looking for ways for you to achieve
  • Faith, which gives me larger horizons than meet the eye
  • Belief in your ability heal, thrive and create a life you love
  • 25 years of experience as a therapist and coach

Before You Divorce: Take a Good Look at Your Marriage By Helen Dahlhauser

What do you do when you suspect that your relationship is nearing the end and you have to decide whether to stay or leave? The answer to that question can have a profound effect on the rest of your life.
Before You Divorce may appear to be a book about endings, and it is. But itís also about beginnings and the wonderful things that can happen when you learn to end with love. This book is, at its heart, about healing and growth and self-discovery.
If your ultimate choice is to end your relationship, you will be able to end with love and create new relationships that are as rewarding, nurturing, and lasting as you always hoped they could be.

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