My name is Cynthia Kunze (formerly Rankin) and I am a Registered Psychologist with over 12 years experience in psychological services, including private practice and treatment facilities for children, adolescents and adults. I also have extensive experience teaching psychology at universities in both the United States and Australia and have presented international papers at conferences all over the world. As a psychologist, research and education are very important to me. Thus, I am currently finalising my doctorial dissertation. My research involves exploring popular media effects on body image, self-esteem and the desire for physical transformation.

During my professional life, I have lived in the USA, Australia and Germany and have travelled extensively through North America, Central America, and Europe. I find exploring the diversity of cultures and learning other languages incredibly interesting and crucial for my work with diverse populations. I am a native English speaker, however I also give therapy to clients with German speaking backgrounds. Currently, I reside in Germany and my private practice is located in Tutzing, a small town on Lake Starnberg, which is approximately 30 mins outside of Munich.

The foundation of my psychological training is in Humanistic Psychology. My philosophical framework is structured by Humanistic Theory (e.g., Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Sidney Jourard, Rollo May) and Poststructuralist Theory (e.g., Michel Foucault, Nikolas Rose, Judith Butler, Valerie Walkerdine). Humanistic Theory influences my therapeutic style, while Poststructuralist Theory influences my analytical assessment and approach. I do use various cognitive behavioural therapeutic techniques, particularly for those individuals that I feel will benefit from them.

Below is a list of psychological issues that I specialise in:

Body Image Concerns
Grief and Loss
Relationship Conflicts/Concerns
Sexual Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Physical Abuse
Adjustment Disorders (children, adolescents and adults)
Maladaptive Stress
Loneliness and Isolation
Self-Esteem and Self-Worth Deficiencies
Behavioural Problems (children, adolescents and adults)
Parenting Concerns/Conflicts

It is important that whenever you are seeking therapy, in person or on-line, that you are able to validate the credentials of the practitioner. Most credible and ethical psychologists, therapists and/or counsellors readily provide them for you. If they do not, it is probably in your best interest not to seek their services.

I am also a member with the following professional organizations and adhere to their ethical guidelines and regulations:

  • The American Psychological Association

  • The Australian Psychological Society

  • The German Society of Psychologists

  • The German Society of Psychological Psychotherapists


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