Carole Gauthier, Ph. D.

Tel Paris office: 06 14 50 17 71 (Etoile-Iéna)



Skype: themidlifeinstitute 


Psychological distress does not have to be a fatality. Therapy is about feeling supported, gaining clarity and bridging the gap between what you want and what you do in order to feel more alive and have more choice.

I can help you go through difficult or pivotal times in your life such as relocation, divorce, lay-off, retirement, bereavement, serious illness or adjusting to parenting. I believe these situations are also the opportunity for tremendous personal growth.
I borrow from Gestalt therapy, inter-subjective psychoanalysis and EMDR to help people feel less depressed or anxious, be more creative and self-confident, become more successful, improve their relationships and find purpose in life. I also guide couples in restoring harmony, respect, trust and communication in their partnership.

I am bilingual - English and French - and I work with adults of all ages, countries of origin, gender, religions and sexual orientations. I have a special interest in cultural adjustment, identity and self-esteem issues and, more broadly, the human existential search and struggle for meaning and connections.



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