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Address : Centre medical Adiara
270 chemin de la Cristole
84140 Avignon

I offer online and in person individual supervision for professionals, in English or French, who wish to reflect on their work. Offering a contained space where questions, difficulties, dynamics can be explored from a more distanced perspective. Identifying feelings and thoughts related to elements of transference and countertransference, (present in all relationships), as a means of further exploring and analysing onesí practice. One of the aims of supervision is also to take care of oneself professionally with the aim of developing and enriching the way we work with others. Sessions are based on verbal exchanges and can also, when there is a common accord and if it seems adapted, include the use of dramatherapy techniques.

I am a British trained dramatherapist, a French trained clinical psychologist and family/couple analytical therapist, with 10 years of training in the Tavistock clinic approach to child psychotherapy practice. I have been practicing in child psychiatry in France since 1997 and working on a freelance basis in both Great Britain and France since 1991 (private practice, individual and team supervision, training). I am based in the town of Avignon.

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