Psychotherapist and Gestalt therapist

My telephone number is : 06 73 49 15 99


I am a trainer and an accredited supervisor of clinical practice. I work as a humanistic and integrative psychotherapist and trainer and my specialist areas are trauma, addiction and emotional regulation. Initially I trained as a gestalt psychotherapist in London (BSc Psych, Hons, MSc Psych). Since then I have trained in several other different approaches that are very complementary. I have worked in France for the last 15 years at an addiction clinic with a multidisciplinary team and I also have a private practice.
I think of supervision is a supportive creative space where supervisor and supervisee bring together their knowledge, ideas, intuition and doubts. Together we unfold the therapeutic process between psychotherapist and client in order to help the professional provide a safe, sensitive and well-adjusted therapeutic approach for their client.

I welcome enquiries from both experienced therapists and newly qualified practitioners. As a trainer of students at different stages in their training in psychotherapy I am aware of the different needs of each supervisee according to where they are in their professional development and I adjust to those specific needs as required.

I have many years of working with online methods both for individuals and groups. I am a member of the FF2P ( France) and the European Association of Psychotherapy.