Thankyou for considering submitting your material for others to read. Here below is a summary of how and what to send.




Your photo would appear in the white box and your name and a title for your book, article, story or account with a short description and/or an introduction which tells the reader something about yourself. If you wish to be unidentified, you can give a false name and use the incognito photo.


  • E-books
  • Articles
  • Personal stories
  • Poetry
  • Accounts of particular incidents
  • Letters to self
  • Letters to abusers
  • Anything relevant


  • PDFs

  • Word documents

  • Text in an email

  • JPEGs or GIFs

Please send your material in these ways. Your material will be displayed on a page but also be downloadable, unless you specify otherwise.
E-BOOK: Word document or pdfs format. If you plan to sell chapters after the first one, please state the price for subsequent chapters so that it can be published and so that people are clear about it. Please provide a contact email and request payment only with Paypal. This gives protection for you and the purchaser. If you prefer not to give an email online, please send a Paypal link. You can use
ARTICLES, PERSONAL STORIES AND PERSONAL ACCOUNTS: Please send your material either in Word documents, pdfs or in the body of an email. Please do not include email addresses or website addresses as they will not be published. Please limit your articles, personal stories or personal accounts to 3000 words if possible.
POETRY: Poetry can be accepted but should be a maximum of 1000 words please.
PHOTOS: Please send photos that are in jpeg or gif format. They should not be embedded in the document as they do not survive well being used away from the document. The only time they can be embedded is if they are in an e-book.
INTRODUCTION: Please give  a short introduction about yourself or about what you are submitting. If would rather be incognito, please just give a title. The intro should be short and might be edited to fit in the blue box.

I look forward to hearing from you