Humanistic Counselling became known over fifty years ago and has become an extremely effective approach to counselling. Although behavioural therapy and psychoanalytic methods were available, a Humanistic approach offered sufferers another alternative. This type of counselling focuses on recognising human capabilities in areas such as creativity, personal growth and choice. This method is perceived more as an artistic approach rather than scientific and is therefore not as well known as the other two types.

When an individual is choosing a counsellor, it is extremely important that the client is aware of the approach the counsellor uses before arranging an appointment. This is because each method is different and depends on the person's needs as to which approach should be taken. The main objectives of humanistic psychology are to find out how individuals perceive themselves here and now and to recognise growth, self-direction and responsibilities. This method is optimistic and attempts to help individuals recognise their strengths by offering a non-judgemental, understanding experience.