Psychosynthesis is a comprehensive approach to self-realization and the development of human potential. The essential aim of psychosynthesis is to help people discover their true spiritual nature, then to effectively utilize this discovery in everyday life. Psychosynthesis helps us to realize our creative potential, increase our ability to function harmoniously in the modern world, and improve the quality of all our relationships.

Psychosynthesis is a particular kind of psychotherapy, yet it is more than psychotherapy. It is a collection of techniques and exercises designed to help us move away from what we don't want in our lives and towards what we do. It is not just a theory, but is a practical, working method that integrates principles and techniques from many approaches to personal growth. Unlike some other therapies, however, it has no fixed idea of what someone 'should' be like - indeed, with Psychosynthesis, it is quite the contrary. It is only successful when we have become more what we want to be like. This is not in the sense of gratifying unbalanced or partial desires, but when we have become more able to be ourselves in whatever situation we find ourselves, and to do what we want to do when we tune into our innermost sense of self and purpose.